Three Versions of One Design

There is an outrageous tradition to bring three versions of a design. As a designer, I’ve never done that. And as a client, I beg to give me only one version. But nothing works; designers agree, nod, but still bring several versions.

It looks like this. As promised, they show me one version, calling it the ‘main’ and then the second and third, calling them bonuses. But it’s not a bonus; it’s them leaving their work to me.

Among other things, designers should choose a design option. If he could not make a choice in the process, then he did not get into the issue well enough, did not understand it, and did not spend enough time there. But the designer is not a neural net, and I don’t want him to sell me a randomizer—something that just happens to look like a solution.

I want a real solution.

 751   2022