Head of Product UX
at Lamoda, 2012—2014

Lamoda — leading e-Commerce company of Easter Europe, part of Global Fashion Group.

I started working on Lamoda products in the end of 2012. At that time Lamoda only appeared in Russia and used to use external digital solutions by Zalando. I took a leading role in building the design strategy to make a new functionality, improve UX and UI. My KPIs were growth of conversion and NPS.

Major achievements

  • Created UX design workflow from scratch, resulting with significantly faster and data-driven design/implementation of functionality.
  • Full redesign of storefront portfolio with continuous growth of business KPIs.
  • Created Lamoda eCommerce iOS app: featured on the main category, top 3 overall in Russia, featuring in Lifestyle category (first place in Go Shopping apps in Russia).
  • Created Lamoda eCommerce Android app: featured in Best 2014 apps on Russian Google Play, chosen for Google Play picks.


  • Definition and communication of design strategy in company.
  • Product design, art-direction, managing a design team.
  • Building a design culture.
  • Work with business stakeholders.
  • Cooperate with different divisions in company (marketing, R&D, HR, etc.).