Job Security

In short, it’s when you are afraid of being fired. Not for anything in particular, but in general. Irrational imprecise fear makes your brain choosing options: I leave office too early, I don’t reply quickly enough in work chats, I wasn’t invited to some meeting and all that stuff.

It effects your work badly. Instead of doing what you want, you start worrying too much and already looking for another job subconsciously .

Today we discussed with Seryozha that a manager can help an employee cope with this irrational fear and say: «Listen, don’t worry about being fired. I can tell you frankly: if you work the way you work now, I won’t fire you. I expect that in the next year at least you will definitely be with us, and I promise that I will not even think to fire you.»

It does not mean that an employee cannot be fired at all, that a man can just not go to work. We can fire a person for objective issues, and if his quality of work drops significantly (for example, if an employee chills out), then it’s time to say goodbye.

But in this case, an employee with an anxious consciousness will be sure that everything is OK, there are no hidden problems or factors, and everything is honest and open. This will help him hand a blank check to himself; focus on work, not on worries and attempts to guess the mood of the manager.

 325   2021  
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