Decision Making

When I tell passers-by about design (usually in the subway at the escalator), I usually start with the fact that design consists of three consecutive processes: research, finding a solution and making a decision.

Now research is at high level. Everyone is engaged in it, we have a million books, articles and people who know how to conduct research. To be honest, I would even reduce them. It is because there are significantly fewer people who can correctly interpret the results and, based on them, design something well.

But the biggest problem is the process of making the final decision. This is usually someone else job, but not the designer’s: the customer, the board of developers, a top manager or even a vice president. But making the final decision is the part of the design. The person involved in it understands better than anyone which option is best to choose in the end.

A designer can be trusted to coordinate his own design if he has an answer to the question: «how to understand that this design solves the problem better than others?»

 536   2021  
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